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Castle, a word that sounds mysterious and full of fairy tales. It could be the gloomy old castle full of vines before the arrival of \"Beauty and the Beast,\" or the pure-ice holy palace of Elsa, the Snow Queen. Or, like the new swansburg of germany, a noble heart; or, like the castle of edinburg, standing on a cliff, grave and deep, with the occasional air of magic associated with hogwarts.


But, you know, are there many expensive-sounding castles that can live in and aren't too expensive? These castle interiors are exquisitely decorated, many small objects come here through decades or even hundreds of years, in such a room, to have a classical European dream!


The park outside the castle is 16 hectares with a wide view and a comfortable french idyll, complete with this exclusive castle, every inch of sunshine with a taste of happiness.


With 15 rooms, ranging from 27 sq m to 80 sq m, the castle's owner doesn't make the interior into a stereotyped modern style, with 15 rooms featuring a mix of Renaissance-style traditional decor and European classic four-pillar beds.


Chateaude Naze, a new Gothic castle built in the 15th century, is located in a quiet wooded area of the Loire Valley.


The room was decorated more like a little girl's idyllic dream than an elegant Renaissance style. Color fresh and soft, broken flowers and patterns are also French pastoral style, like a dream-like castle in the small, forget the noise, like through.


Chateaude Bagnols is located in Beaujolais, the world's most famous new wine producing area, about 32 kilometers from the French city of Lyon.


Inside the Castle Hotel, there are elaborately restored murals and antique furniture, household goods. The rooms are well-worked, brick-and-tile, stitch-and-stitch, modeled by the designer after the style of the 18th century in france, where french classics abound.


The restaurant in the castle, with the largest Gothic fireplace in Europe, has a sophisticated retro, and the European-style banqueting aura comes with the leaping fire in the fireplace.


Of course, the food here is also excellent, combining the South French flavor with the modern taste, and the ingredients are taken from the high-quality agricultural products of the local market. Whether it's in an elegant and atmospheric in-house restaurant, or in such a wide-sighted view of the restaurant, can be a rare experience.


The castle itself dates back to the 13th century, but as a converted luxury hotel, the spa center, indoor pool, gym and other amenities are comprehensive and guests can even enjoy manicures.


Skiing in winter, horse riding in the countryside in summer, hot air balloons overlooking the spring and autumn, this castle hotel proves that the super-class hotel can really have many kinds of appearance.


The interior of the room is elaborate, elegant and elegant, as well as specially designed for weddings, family tours, bachelor parties and so on.


On top of that, some rooms come with large tubs, indoor or outdoor, a professional essential oil massage in the Spa Center, and a full range of services with SUVs nearby.


Ruthin Castle Hotland Spa in Wales, England, was first built for King Edward I of England.


Hotel itself has a long history, room decoration some modern, some slightly retro, but living facilities are fully modern, do not worry about the experience.


The hotel is close to the forest park, the natural environment is very good, in the hotel's large garden for a walk, in addition to you, there will be elegant and expensive peacocks.


The Inverlochy Castle Hotel is located in the Scottish Highlands, just six kilometers from Fort William, surrounded by lakes and mountains.


Founded in 1889, the Schlosshol Kronberg is located in a spa town that takes a light rail 23 minutes to get to Frankfurt Central Station.


The castle is magnificent, now a five-star hotel, built in honour of her husband by the long princess of Queen Victoria of England. She was the queen of the Prussian and German Second Reich, and her husband abdicated as emperor for only 99 days, and her son was German Emperor William II, who launched the First World War. Therefore, the castle has two styles: English and German.


In such a castle made by the real royal princesses, queens, empress queens, do a flash of the princess dream, wish you, a good dream.


Compared with the price of those city hotels in Europe, the castle hotel's scenery, room standard, is really good and cheap. If you're traveling to these places, slow down and take 1-2 days to spend in these castles far from downtown.

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