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“It is a major decision of the Nineteenth National Congress of the Party to carry out education on the theme of'not forgetting the original ideals and aspirations and keeping in mind the mission' throughout the Party. The Party Central Committee attaches great importance to this and has made careful preparations and careful organization.


An important speech delivered by General Secretary Xi Jinping on January 8th at the \"Don't forget the original ideals and aspirations, remember the mission\" theme education wrap-up conference in Beijing triggered a heated discussion among netizens.


Since the end of May 2019, the theme education has been carried out in two batches from top to bottom, which is now basically over. Party organizations at all levels have vigorously promoted, the broad masses of party members and cadres have been actively engaged, and the masses have enthusiastically supported them.


In his concluding remarks, General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that party organizations at all levels and the broad masses of party members and cadres have thoroughly studied and practiced the socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics in the new era, improved their ability to integrate knowledge, trust and conduct, strengthened their ideological and action-mindedness in keeping the initial mind and undertaking their mission, promoted reform, development and stability, actively addressed the most urgent and most desired issues of the masses, cultivated the clean and upright political ecology, and eliminated some factors that might undermine the Party's foundation and hinder the Party's cause.


On january 6th the people's net published a summary of the work of education on the theme of \"never forgetting the original ideals and aspirations and keeping in mind the mission \", which summarized the remarkable achievements of the whole party through in-depth implementation of the general requirements of\" keeping the initial mind, undertaking the mission, finding gaps and grasping the implementation \". The article said that through the theme of education and study, party members and cadres experienced a serious political roll call, party spirit baptism, style exercise, theoretical literacy significantly improved, the party and the people's cause of hard work and dedication of the momentum is stronger.


On January 8, Xinhua published a commentary entitled \"Let the First Heart and Mission Light the Long March of a New Age.\" The article holds that under the strong leadership of the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core, various departments and units in various regions have raised their ideological awareness, conscientiously examined the problems, paid close attention to the implementation of rectification and reform, strengthened organizational leadership, promoted orderly education on the theme, deepened layer by layer, and achieved fruitful results towards the specific goal of theoretical study, baptism of ideological and political affairs, taking the responsibility of doing business, serving the people to solve difficult problems, and being honest and honest.


Net friend \"push forward\" said:\" good to do good, good to start good to end, for the theme of education points like!\" The netizen \"Jiang night Yin time\" said:\" facts have proved that we are not to forget the original ideals and aspirations, remember the mission, so that the motherland will develop better and better! Praise the Party Central Committee! Net friend \"dreamer\" said:\" do not forget the original ideals and aspirations, remember the mission, forge ahead, persevering, for the great rejuvenation of the chinese dream laid the rock foundation!\" \"The theme education has achieved remarkable results and enhanced political, ideological and emotional identity,\" said the netizen,\" The Little Leaves of Qi Xing.\"


The theme of \"never forget the original ideals and aspirations, keep in mind the mission\" education, summed up the previous inner-party centralized education experience, to carry out a new era of inner-party centralized education exploration, accumulated new experience.


The day before the wrap-up meeting, the official Weibo of \"Xinhua Viewpoint\" took the lead in producing the graphic -\" General Secretary Xi Jinping's instructions 24 times.\" Through a series of data, it reveals the significance and remarkable results of the subject education, and concludes the five profound enlightenments of \"never forgetting the original ideals and aspirations and keeping in mind the mission \": sticking to the initial mission as the fundamental driving force for the Chinese Communists to advance their struggle; adhering to the fundamental requirement of using the Party's innovative theory to arm the mind; promoting the fundamental construction of the Party's political construction; bearing in mind the fundamental political position of the people's position; and carrying forward the most distinct character of the courage to revolution itself.


On january 8, the people's daily client wrote \"never forget the original ideals and aspirations, remember the mission, five figures to understand xi's latest speech \", highlighting xi Jinping's summary of the theme of the education accumulated six new experience: focus on the theme, closely follow the main line, the above rate, demonstration drive, organic integration, integrated advance, focus on issues, accurate rectification, strict supervision, internal and external, efforts to avoid false work, to seek practical results.


On the same day, the 9th edition of the people's daily published a commentary entitled \"uphold the mission of the initial heart must firm institutional confidence \", thoroughly analyzed the importance and necessity of adhering to the socialist system with chinese characteristics as explained in the theme education. The article points out that the establishment of the advanced socialist system is the proper meaning for the chinese communists to adhere to their initial mission, and the adherence to and improvement of the socialist system with chinese characteristics is an important embodiment of the chinese communists'adherence to their initial mission.


On this, netizens have also expressed their views. Netizen \"take advantage of Xinghe romantic\" said:\" while promoting the spirit of seeking happiness for the people for the national rejuvenation, we should also take this as a new starting point, always grasp unremitting.\"


This theme education summary conference, General Secretary Xi Jinping's important speech, the golden sentence frequently appears. People's Daily official Weibo the first time summary summary, release Weibo \"@all party members! \"Such as\" the greenhouse cannot grow towering trees, slackers cannot do great things. \"Keep pace with the times do not shout as slogans, to truly implement to the thinking and action, cannot do'do not know Han, regardless of Wei and Jin' in the peach blossom source\" and other good sentences immediately won the praise of the majority of netizens. The netizen \"light family teacher nie\" said:\" General Secretary Xi Jinping every word is a word Abas, resounding sound!\"


Behind these golden sentences, we can all the more feel General Secretary Xi Jinping's ardent mandate that the whole party must continue to deepen its self-revolution and continue to push the whole party not to forget its original ideals and aspirations and remember its mission.


On january 7th xinhua news agency published a full documentary on the theme of \"never forget the original ideals and aspirations, and keep in mind the mission \", pointing out that this education is only a major review of the implementation of the party's initial mission, a further deepening of the party's theoretical armed forces, and a renewed mobilization of the party's self-revolutionary spirit. The CPC aspires to the great cause of the Chinese nation, and how to keep its original ideals and aspirations in mind and its mission needs to be answered unremittingly and always. If you don't end up, you'll always be on the way. Net friend \"north shore early morning\" said to this:\" in our life on the way to forge ahead, but also to never forget the original mission!\"


On january 3,\" people's daily comments \"wechat public name pushed\" the initial heart and mission is to take a good new era long march road \"commentary article said that the party's initial heart and mission is the party's nature of the purpose, ideals and beliefs, the concentrated embodiment of the goal of struggle, the longer the ruling, the more cannot lose the marxist party's true character, the more cannot forget the party's initial mission, the more cannot lose self-revolutionary spirit.


After the release of \"Xi Jinping's speech at the\" never forget the original ideals and aspirations, remember the mission \"theme education summary conference,\" many people first learn the content and spirit of the speech. \"Learning group\" WeChat's public name quickly collated the topic as \"this theme education, Xi Jinping mentioned\" six must \"analysis article. \"This speech can be said to be the best gift of the New Year, I decided to read every day, to learn deeply, and to put it into practice! I hope that we can all learn to practice, truly do not forget the original ideals and aspirations, remember the mission, always struggle, any difficulties cannot stop our pace of progress!


As the netizen \"people VhGif\" said:\" do not forget the original ideals and aspirations, remember the mission, clean and honest, for the prosperity of the country, for the world peace and selfless fight!\"

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