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On december 23,2019, mr. thong was able to get a full collection of \"qing yu nian\" from a sales agent, when tencent and iqiyi were far from fully updated. On December 27,2019, after surging journalists paid their \"dues,\" they entered a group of pirated resources to spread WeChat in an attempt to understand their process of obtaining the source of the film, storing and distributing it.


\"They are familiar with the industry, and the upstream and downstream industrial chains are more mature. Industry person han da (alias) said the short-term piracy of dramas, novels are unlikely to be completely eliminated. As long as there is demand, the gray industry will continue.


Zhao zhanling, a lawyer at beijing law firm zhilin, said piracy of tv dramas and novels:\" this kind of behavior involves civil infringement first, and if the amount of illegal income of the perpetrator is large or has other serious circumstances, it is also suspected of constituting a crime of infringing copyright.\"


As of December 30,2019, the TV series \"Celebration of the Year\" scored in Douban, ranking second in Tencent Video's popular list of mainland TV dramas. Network film and television media data platform bone data show, as of december 30,\" qing yu year \"the whole network of popularity reached, far more than the same period broadcast\" jittery huating \"sword dynasty\" and other ancient drama.


On December 23,2019, relevant personnel on the platform of the Copyright Monitoring Center of the China Copyright Association told the surging news:\" At present, the number of stolen broadcast chains has reached 40,000.\" And according to the \"qing yu nian\" official micro statement, the current official legal authorization platform only tencent video and iqiyi.


Not only the TV series, but also the piracy of \"Qing Yu Nian\" novels began to spread on the Internet. The novel \"qing yu nian\" was first published in the chinese language group's starting point, the author is a cat. In the mainstream search engine search \"qing yu txt \"(that is, the text version of\" qing yu nian \"novel), the link is also as many as 12.1 million.


\"The publishing platform of the original version of\" Qing Yu Nian \"novel includes starting point Chinese net, QQ reading and WeChat reading,\" China Literature Group related people said. In addition, China Literature signing authorization platform can see, background unified interface, there are more than 50 channels. Thus, a large number of search results on the Internet may be pirated links.


\"The reason why the issue of piracy of the novel has recently caught the attention of the industry is that it has a long history of online piracy, especially representative works such as\" qing yu nian \", followed by the rapid increase in the popularity of the original book with the popularity of the series, which has also led to the recent increase in the piracy of the book,\" industry insiders told the news.


Internet tv industry worker han dao (alias) told the news that broadcasters are actually the equivalent of low-cost access to traffic, and then to sell this part of the flow, thereby profiting.


It is worth mentioning that before,\" qing yu nian \"because of the cost of 50 yuan ahead of demand, even some people sued the video platform, there were also users to see piracy.


Han explains that stealing a play is divided into three main stages: getting the source, storing and distributing it.\" In terms of getting the source, they may go to the original website to download the format or record the screen.\"


Wu xia, an insider in variety editing, told reporters:\" film and television resources before the shelves, usually have to be edited, reviewed several back and forth transmissions, in the process there may be loopholes.\"


As for storage, Mr Han said:\" This is relatively flexible, mainly site storage. or use a third party website for storage. Moreover, there is little risk of having a cloud disk, because they don't spread much, because it's too much, and it's definitely going to cause concern.\"


The last stage is distribution. \"The main distribution platform is the public number, they will have a website of their own. then they will send the website link on the public number. In short, basically will also be in the flow comparison gathering place can form the platform. So most may still be on social media and then spread.\" Han said.


The WeChat group of \"latent\" news reporters,\" membership \"threshold over 100 yuan, group owners will release a large number of popular drama resources. Including the full version of the \"qing yu nian \", but also with the network broadcast progress of the\" daming feng hua \"and so on.


Moreover, they don't mind the second-time resale of resources for \"membership \". In the official authorization platform \"qing yu nian\" is still more than 10 episodes have not been broadcast, the aforementioned wechat group to the full edition of \"qing yu nian\" price is yuan \/ set.


The wechat group, a 500-person \"resource group,\" where people regularly post links to and extract passwords from pirated film and television shows, and where new\" agents \"come into the group.


\"I've also known a number of agencies that specialize in combating piracy, and they've had a limited impact,\"he said. They usually send a lawyer's letter, after the other party receives, may shut down the website, the video off shelves and so on, often only cures the root cause.\"


According to mr. wu, the profit model of the bootleg organization is roughly divided into three parts, one is to sell resources, the other is to charge \"dues\" for new agents, and the second is to place patch ads in the video before and after implantation.


The agent of the above-mentioned wechat group introduces that the acquisition of pirated resources for film and television dramas is divided into two methods, on the one hand, in the public number, website self-search, on the other hand, the group that joins will directly provide web link. As for the storage of resources, the agent said, mainly stored in different cloud disks.


According to the copyright monitoring center of the china copyright association, there are 16768 links to \"i am not the god of medicine\" and 30103 links to \"death row 2\". Previously, the popular television series \"dear, love \", such as\" love \"has been stolen broadcast.


Back in 2017, the 55-episode video of the TV series \"The People's Name\" went viral on the Internet, with the \"sample for review\" tag on the video at the time, and the timing function wasn't there.


On the issue of \"Qingyu\" TV series and the rights protection of online text piracy, China Literature Group related personnel said:\" first of all, the rights of film and television drama,\" Qingyu \"the film and television adaptation of the right to sell, China Literature Group is the transfer of rights. That is, the current infringement of video content, only the relevant video platform has the right to do. The second is the rights of the novel, our current rights are selected for the editorial side of the key works of the library. \"Celebration Year\" is a work of Curry, we will rely on this batch of works to search, check, and then report to the relevant departments for processing. \".


The National Copyright Administration's official website shows that the National Copyright Administration has launched a \"Swordnet\" campaign to crack down on Internet piracy for 15 consecutive years, and has made the order of film and television copyright a key target. At the same time, the National Copyright Administration also implemented the key supervision of network video, on-demand cinema special renovation, film and television works protection and early warning measures.


Zhao Zhanling, a lawyer at Beijing's Zhilin law firm, said:\" This kind of behavior involves civil infringement first, and if the amount of illegal income of the perpetrator is large or has other serious circumstances, it is also suspected of constituting a crime of infringement of copyright. According to the judicial interpretation,'the amount of illegal income is large' means that the amount of illegal income of an individual is more than 20,000 yuan and the amount of illegal income of a unit is more than 100,000 yuan;'There are other serious circumstances'means that:(1) the amount of illegal business operation of an individual is over 100,000 yuan and the amount of illegal business operation of an unit is more than 500,000 yuan;(3) the total number of reproductions is more than 5 Zhang.